News on the holidays and January
by Chaz GELF

Just a heads-up for you guys, there will be no comics (But some fanart features) on the week starting the 24th. Since Tuesday that week is Christmas day, I figured I'd take a break then.

As a further heads-up, I am going to be working on another comic throughout the month of January (It's part of a friend's comic challenge, I'm being asked to draw a 15-page comic throughout that month, and I will provide a link to the comic when it's ready! It will of course be hosted by the fine folks here at ComicFury. :3) As such, I won't have any time to work on ITS, myself. However, a friend of mine has offered to cover for me by doing the lineart for those pages! :D So you'll still have your fix of ITS throughout January, and I will definitely return for February and onwards.

Thanks again for reading and being interested in my comic!


No plot-related updates for this month, but never fear!
by Chaz GELF

This month is always a bit of a rough month for me, so I'm going to take a quick break from plot stuff for the rest of the month. Never fear, though! I will still be updating with content, but it'll be one-shot comics, little art doodles, or fun tidbits of information about the ITS universe, to help viewers understand a little bit more of the world it's set in. I don't like leaving my viewers hanging without any comic updates, so when I'm having an off week (Or in this case an off month), I always make sure to at least give them something to tide them over.

Now, if you're a new viewer from ComicFury, or if you just don't know me that well, you're probably wondering why July is always a rough month for me. Long story short, almost 6 years ago now, I got into a car accident, which ended up taking my brother's life (He was the driver of our car in the accident). That happened on the 27th of July, 2006. I've never quite been able to get over it, and this month in particular (As well as January, around the time of my brother's birthday, and December, around Christmas) tends to take a bit of a toll on me emotionally. But fear not! Like I said, I'd feel even worse if I gave you guys nothing at all, so I'll at least be drawing some stuff to keep the updates coming, it just won't be plot-related.

Thanks for understanding!