Comic 64 - Questioning

17th Jun 2012, 6:18 PM in Arc 5 - Arrival/Departure
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Chaz GELF 17th Jun 2012, 6:18 PM edit delete
Time for some jargon busting!

GalCop are, essentially, the galactic police force in Oolite. I imagine it might be used as a nickname for them in ITS, they probably have some other more official-sounding name.

Mass-locking is a phenomenon in the game Oolite, essentially a flaw (Or perhaps a safety feature) with your ship's hyperspeed system, or "Torus Drive". To sum it up quickly, if a ship, planet or station is within range of your long-range scanners, you are mass-locked and can't use hyperspeed until they're out of the way.

This is actually a true story with me in Oolite. Shortly after introducing Polzin, I made a character in Oolite named Polzin, and started doing as much trading and the like as I could. Polzin's accrued a fair amount of cash, but he's also done some bad things. Namely, drug smuggling (The prices were too tempting!) and blowing up a harmless trader ship (He had me mass-locked and there was nobody else in the vicinity, so I let rip with the lasers).

I figured it'd be amusing if it turned out the ship Polzin blew up belonged to Red. So there ya have it.
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