Comic 35 - Awkward Reunion

15th Jun 2012, 11:52 PM in Arc 4 - Reflection
Awkward Reunion
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Chaz GELF 15th Jun 2012, 11:52 PM edit delete
<M Night Shyamalan>WHAT A TWEEST!</M Night Shyamalan>

So apparently, Chaz isn't quite who we thought he was. Yeah, I'd been working up to this twist for a little while now, and even now I'm not sure I pulled it off as well as I could. XD Still.

More experiments in countering talking-heads syndrome. This time, a variety of angles to convey the emotion of the moment, as well as trying out a different-looking background for the moment of awkward silence. Even if it's not good, at least I'm learning what's good and what isn't. XD

Arguably the hardest part of all this was trying to get Chaz and Green to look like they were glancing away from each other awkwardly, and not staring at the camera trying to break the fourth wall or anything.
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